In this article series, I would like to share some fundamental knowledge about AVR microcontrollers under these points.

01)How to define INPUT pins with blinking LED bulbs

02)How to define OUTPUT pins with the interface of an IR sensor.

03)How to develop the demonstration hardware module easily with some special components.

In this article, I am going to focus on how to define OUTPUT pins with blinking LED bulbs.

How to define a pin

There are 3 registers in IO port in an IC. These names are using as a keyword when defining a pin.

  • DDRx — Data Direction Register…

Hello coders, In this article I’m going to explain the new technology which is using in web designing. As a web developer, this is a must for you if you are using react. Let’s start from the beginning……

Do you ever use the state feature in react?

Don’t worry. Let me show a simple example without using anything special. Sometimes you are familiar with this code. This is for application to increment and decrement the value of a variable called count when clicking the relevant button.

figure I

In this example, I use class base use state to change the…

In this article, I’m going to tell you about how to buildup a demonstration module prior to our final project module, with some special components. Although demonstration module provide ease and flexibility for our final module, we can’t use all the special components in our demonstration module,for the final module.

I hope to discuss details under below -mentioned points here onwards.

01) what are the special component we need?

02)How to upload code into the microcontroller through the USBASP?

what are the special components we need?

→A development board that can connect to the ATmega32 chip

This is my first article and I am trying to give the main concept of microcontrollers. In this article, I give you a rough idea about what is a microcontroller.

A microcontroller is like a computer. We can give inputs and it gives outputs relevant to the inputs. There is a small memory in a microcontroller. First, we should finish the coding part using relevant software(ex: Atmel Studio), and then we can upload that code into the microcontroller through the specific software(ex: Progisp).

As an example, If we want to check whether is an object in front of a given…

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